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Be visible: Get on YouTube!

More than 25% of all online searches are on YouTube. Can people find you there? If not, you are missing a great source of free advertising. Google owns YouTube, so if you post videos on YouTube, your Google rankings will probably improve.

But before you go rushing to create a video and post it on YouTube:
  • Take time to identify who you are trying to reach and what they are interested in.
  • Look for existing videos on YouTube that are in your industry. Look at the ones with many responses and try to determine what makes that video more successful.
    • This early research will pay off later. Once you have a video, you can go back to these videos and post your video as a response to them. This will automatically connect your video to theirs, so that you can benefit from their traffic.
  • Look at videos OUTSIDE your industry. Your target market has other interests that you may be able to use in your video.
    • If your video relates to other industries, you can post your video as a response and your video will automatically connect to theirs.
  • In general, a YouTube video will not generate a direct sale, but it will encourage people to take the next step to find out more about you. Therefore, it is critical that you include a next step for the viewer (call-to-action). Ask them to:
    • Rate your video.
    • Follow you on Twitter and Facebook
    • Embed the video on their Facebook or webpage
    • Post comments
    • Share the video with friends.
    • Visit your webpage
  • Use keywords and your website in the video description. Search engines can't find you, if you don't give them information about what the video is about.
  • Once you have posted your video, create a playlist. Find similar videos from others and put them together. This makes your business part of something bigger.
  • Connect your YouTube video with all your other promotion: on your website, emails, Facebook, Linked-In, blogs, etc.
Most popular videos on Facebook are not professionally done. But they are interesting, entertaining, unique, or informative. You can use a SmartPhone or video camera to create the video, and then edit it using YouTube video editor. This is a free editor, although YouTube can display ads with it. Instructions for editing a video are here.

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